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Hugh has broad-based surgical experience and brings a wide perspective to all clinical problems. He has gained his expertise and knowledge by extensive clinical, research and teaching activities. He combines this with empathy and offers a caring, transparent, dependable and professional approach to his practice.

Hugh’s background, both in the practice of urology and in writing and editing of two major textbooks and as the editor of the British Journal of Urology International, has provided him with an unrivalled depth and breadth of urological experience.

Urological Consultant

My  principle activity is to offer impartial expert advice to those who are confused by conflicting or contradictory information and looking for clarity.  I provide a clear explanation of available options, based on years of experience.

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Medical Expert Witness

My expertise combines knowledge and understanding of the relevant law and wide urological experience.  My experience enables me to ensure that I remain impartial and respond to any pressure from instructing solicitors.

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I teach on : how to design a study, how to write a paper, how to give a presentation, how to avoid medical litigation, the reform of medical litigation, men’s health, and mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution  strategy.

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In all forms of civil litigation there is a confrontational approach.  Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that does not involve litigation. It is entirely voluntary. The success rate is more than 90%.

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