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Urological Consultant

My principle activity is to offer impartial expert advice to those who are confused by conflicting or contradictory information and looking for clarity. I provide a clear explanation of available options, based on years of experience.

My current urological role is to act as what is called in the rest of Europe ‘Office Urology’.  I am able to provide patients with authoritative, evidence -based advice and to steer them through the complexities of the management of their particular problem.

My medical and surgical training and practice were broadly- based.  I started with a five-year Short Service Commission in the Royal Army Medical Corps.  This gave me exposure to general surgery that included neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedics and even gynaecology.  I was also involved in trauma surgery in conflict zones.

When I was appointed as a consultant there were 100 urological surgeons in the UK; there are now over 1,000.   Sub-specialisation has advantages, but also some unfavourable aspects.  My background, both in the practice of urology and in my writing and editing of two major textbooks and being the editor of the British Journal of Urology International, have provided me with a depth and breadth of urological practice that is not easy to match today.   My professional activities are interdependent.

I have written more than 150 articles that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals.  I have written over 60 chapters for different textbooks.  I remain up to date by attending educational events, both virtually and face to face and by reading the major urological journals. I continue to contribute to peer-reviewed urological literature.

I remain fully registered with the General Medical Council.  In order to remain on the GMC Register I undertake an annual appraisal.  This is a 3600 assessment by an independent medical practitioner whose role is to ensure that I have complied with the comprehensive requirements that have been established to protect patients.

Mr Whitfield and I know each other professionally and I can attest to his communication skills, having experienced sharing patient care with him over many years.

Dr Stuart Sanders

I could not fault him in his approach, which was done in a kind, helpful, collegiate and thoughtful fashion.

Dr A S Robertson

It will be very hard to live up to your skill, charm and kindness all of which is much valued by us your patients. I wanted to thank you for all the help that you have given me and for literally transforming my life. I know that you have done the same for many of your patients.

Fiona Robinson